Portuguese courses for children

Courses for Children


Portuguese courses for children

OurPortuguese courses for kids offer a unique opportunity for little ones to explore and learn the Portuguese language in a fun and engaging way. With a playful and interactive approach, our experienced native Portuguese teachers will guide children through an exciting learning journey, which will stimulate their curiosity and creativity.

We use colorful and engaging learning materials, which make learning fun and challenging. Children will have the opportunity to develop their language skills through songs, games, interactive activities and much more.

Our Portuguese teachers for children are native speakers with experience in teaching young children. They know how to create a safe and welcoming environment, encouraging active participation and confidence in using the language.

Portuguese courses for children are structured to develop essential language skills, such as listening comprehension, correct pronunciation and simple communication. Through interactive activities, children will learn new vocabulary, basic expressions and language structures, building a solid foundation for their future language learning.

Give your children the opportunity to explore a new language and open up to new cultures. Our Portuguese courses for children are a lifelong investment in their linguistic and cultural development.

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Kids courses 4-12 years


Portuguese courses for children 4 - 12 years

Our children’s courses are specially designed for children of different age groups, offering programs and activities suited to their learning needs. Children will be involved in playful activities, such as drawing, music, comics, mimicry and videos, which will help them acquire vocabulary, listening comprehension and communication skills in a fun way.

Our Portuguese teachers for children are native speakers create a positive and interactive learning environment, where children feel comfortable practicing the Portuguese language and develop their confidence in language skills.

We offerPortuguese courses for children both individually and in small groups. Individual courses allow for personalized attention and a learning pace adapted to the specific needs of the child. Small group courses encourage social interaction and communicative practice with peers, creating a stimulating and fun learning environment.

Invest in your children’s linguistic future from an early age! Give them a unique edge in today’s global world by enabling them to develop valuable language skills and open up to new cultures and opportunities.

Portuguese certifications


Portuguese language certifications

Courses for teens 13 - 17 years


Portuguese courses for teenagers 13 - 17 years

Our Portuguese courses for teenagers aged 13 to 17 offer a unique opportunity to discover the beauty and importance of the Portuguese language. With a targeted approach to the interests and needs of teenagers, our courses promote engaging learning.

Features of our specific language courses for teenagers:

Our Portuguese teachers for teenagers are highly qualified native speakers with experience in teaching teenagers.

Our courses are designed to meet the specific needs of teenagers, focusing on the development of communication, listening, reading and writing skills. The programs also include subjects of interest to teenagers, such as Portuguese culture, music, cinema and literature, to make learning more engaging and relevant.

We offer Portuguese courses for teenagers both individually and in small groups.

We useinteractive teaching methods and modern technological resources, such as language games, audiovisual activities, authentic materials and digital tools, to actively engage teenagers and make learning Portuguese more interesting and fun.

Invest in the linguistic future of your teenagers! Contact us and request a personalized quote.


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